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Located in the neighborhood of La Serna in the Plaza París Nº 8, Local 4 28941 Fuenlabrada, Madrid, close to the station near La Serna and off the M-50 center.

Help! Piojitos Fuenlabrada: your solution against nits and lice.

In Fuenlabrada, you have your Center Help! Piojitos meeting all the standards that characterize the brand. The professionalism and efficiency in the treatment reach the highest standards, enabling the eradication of the pest without using any chemical that hurt people. Located on the street in a busy area and in a room of 50 square meters, Help! Piojitos Fuenlabrada close to a community in which there are various schools (more than fifty among colleges, institutes and kindergartens, where this type of pest proliferate rapidly between children) a service that becomes indispensable to make the expansion of pediculosis braking. Access is simple, and can be done both drive (there is white area to Park close by) as in bus and commuter train. In addition, and to make more enjoyable time out of fathers and mothers while treatments are performed, has been chosen a place where there are various leisure centres in the surrounding area such as parks, cafes, hairdressers, supermarkets and shopping areas. Customers, mainly from the city itself, leave fully satisfied, being the first who speak well of the franchise. The comments between them after a treatment often coincide: is no longer an option the use of chemicals. Shampoos, lotions and creams end up being ineffective (often pests appear again) and aggressive to those suffering from the plague. In addition, the value of Help! Piojitos is very high, being much cheaper due to its effectiveness against chemical products distributed in pharmacy. In Help! Piojitos Fuenlabrada its owner, Thomas, is convinced that the service provided is of the highest quality. For this reason it offers a follow-up two weeks after treatment, time which is reviewed that any kind of loophole that can proliferate and become, again, a problem, there is and acting for free if that happens. If you have a case of head lice and nits we recommend facilities Help! Piojitos in Fuenlabrada. You will achieve effective results without resorting to harsh chemicals.