Located in Calle la Palma, 7, 35100 San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Las Palmas

The Center Help! Piojitos Maspalomas is becoming a place with a very specific task: provide the best service of disinsection of pediculosis of the island of Gran Canaria. Lice and nits are no longer a problem in the area, and parents should be much more reassured knowing that the use of harmful chemical treatments for the health of the child is not necessary.

The use of mechanical tools (specific vacuum cleaners for lice, lendreras, etc.) used in Help! Piojitos are fully respectful with the health of the person concerned. The accessibility of the local in Maspalomas is maximum. It has a parking lot in the commercial centre which is located (Centro Comercial round) with, in addition, two more free parking around. And, if this was not enough and for those people who cannot drive, there are close to a bus stop (main stop of San Fernando) and a taxi.

There is no excuse for access to the best treatment against lice on the island of Grand Canaria.ademas, and to make more fun waiting for the parents and mothers during the application of the treatment, there are around various centers of entertainment such as restaurants, cafes and trendy shops. One more reason to take advantage of the visit to Help! Piojitos Maspalomas.Los places with greater likelihood of spread of lice are usually schools. For this reason the area in which the premises is located is perfect to offer a complete service, since there are also several schools, institutes and kindergartens in the surroundings very prone to expand the plague.

The local has the latest technology in the treatment of this pest eradication. Its sixty square meters workers specialized in these issues may dedicate themselves to offer the best service to customers, guaranteeing in all cases the complete eradication of the pest. The service has the highest quality, and from Help! Piojitos Maspalomas are aware of it. That is why offer ten days of follow-up during which, and after the treatment, is reviewed that eradication is complete and does not return to proliferate.

The parents are much calmer knowing that your son or daughter will not have to endure again this unwanted pest. And it is the opinion of the customers is the best proof of fire. In Help! Piojitos Maspalomas satisfaction after treatment rate is maximum, the mouth being the most important means of expanding business. Not in vain more than half of new customers come on the recommendation of others. And is that the confidence of customers in Help! Piojitos is our greatest satisfaction.