This pediculosis center is located in Arroyazo street, number 16 (passage), Don Benito. Approximately 50 meters from the Plaza de España. It is open to the public always under previous appointment

Help! Piojitos Don Benito, professionalism and efficiency in Estremadura against the louses

Help! Piojitos Don Benito (Badajoz) gives a qualit service in Estremadura against the pediculosis. The infestation for louses and nits already is not a problem for the inhabitants of the zone thanks to these facilities that allow the eradication and control of this type des by means of the use of not intruder and natural treatments. The satisfaction of the clients supports the professionalism of Manuel, the in charge person of Help! Piojitos Don Benito. In fifty square meters that the place arranges the clients are attended using all the necessary measures to achieve an ideal result that, in many occasions, surprises to affected by his rapidity and efficiency. The installation is located in a central and accessible zone, to twenty meters of the Plaza of Spain and with a commercial district and of leisure nearby perfect for the waits of the parents and mothers while a treatment is effected. With a nearby parking of low cost (approximately an Euro if the car is left during the whole morning or evening) turns out to be simple to come not only from Don Benito, but also from other villages of the region as Villanueva. In addition, in the surrounding areas they find numerous institutes and day-care centers, frequent places of contagion of louses and nits for which the service offered for Help! Piojitos turns out to be indispensable. And it is that the children are the principal one affected of these plagues. Manuel has it clear and knows that most of the contagions is given in the college and in the swimming pools. Changes of cap, games … and even the new mode of be doing “selfies”! Any contact is sufficient in order that these parasites change guest. Entire families have been treated in Help! Piojitos Don Benito successfully, managing to come even several united generations. The eradication, completely guaranteed, culminates with a later not alone follow-up for tranquility of the clients, but also to transmit good practices of prevention. Because from Help! Piojitos Don Benito the satisfaction of the client is the first thing, since this way it has demonstrated from his opening. And it is that all the persons treated in these facilities have concluded the same thing: they are not going to return to a chemical treatment that, in addition, in the majority of the occasions does not end with the problem. Help! Piojitos Don Benito is a respectful solution with the hair of the affected one, avoiding the use of chemical aggressive agents, and offering a total guarantee of eradication