Innovative formula, 100% natural

Specialized in a modern and unique lice extraction system in any of its stages: adult louse, nymphs and nits, through a new innovative formula 100% natural, we provide a safe, fast and very effective way to eliminate them.

Treatment in 4 steps

Eye review

Through a meticulous ocular revision by our professionals, the presence or absence of parasites without any compromise will be diagnosed. Once the treatment is approved by the client, the division of the hair into sections will be made for greater precision.


By means of an aspiration equipment, the tuft will be worked with the removal of the parasites in any of their stages of life, nymph or adult louse.

Manual removal

Helped by professional lendreras, it will give way to mechanical-manual work in charge of extracting the nits by hatching and the remains of shells attached to the hair to give a correct aesthetic finish.

Eye test

Finally, making use of magnifying lenses, we examined the hair in its entirety to rule out the presence of lice and nits.


Now you have a professional ally against pediculosis

The qualified personnel provide them with post-treatment instructions and will transmit some maintenance guidelines for prevention as a behavioral habit.