Lice do not fly, so they are passed on from head to head or by hats, scarves and bed linen. So as it seems the contagion is unavoidable since we cannot control our children 24 hours a day and especially during children ´s games when touching each other is a usual part as well as being close together. Even then we can still do many things to prevent lice and nits on our children (and on us).tratamiento contra la pediculosis

We here give you some recommendations to achieve this aim


Lice like a warm environment so they are often placed in the back of ​​the neck or behind the ears. As for girls, wearing their hair tied back and a braid, thus clearing the nape, is ideal for a long hair. As for boys having short hear is both convenient and comfortable and helps prevent lice because it is more difficult the hair will join together.


Within a family unit or a group of friends we can see some children seem to attract lice whereas other never suffer from these infestations. It is a matter of acidity in the skin´s pH. The higher the acidity, the fewer lice.

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A visual examination of all the family members, can be tedious and tiring. Nevertheless, in order to limit the spread of these parasites it is essential to weekly or fortnightly check our children´s heads closely observing the scalp and hair roots.


It is essential to avoid possible infections of small wounds that might be caused by children when scratching.


When lice have made their appearance at home, the contagion among family members is very likely, so an individual towel for drying the hair should be used. We should also use hot water for washing bed linen, pillows, sofa cushions or covers, combs and hair brushes. It is a tedious although very important task for not having to repeat the process days after the treatment has been performed. It is also advisable children sleep alone because no one is free from contagion. Prevent children from sharing or exchanging hair brushes, combs, scarves, hats, hair rubber bands and towels.

Help! Piojitos recommends you to do with the items used one of the following:

  • Boil them.
  • Put them in the freezer for 12 hours.
  • Isolate them in sealed bags (airtight plastic), keeping them away for 48 hours or until the infection has been eradicated.


It is necessary and advisable to vacuum clean carpets and sofas.


Losing your temper will not make lice vanish. If they have been spotted at home just follow the suggested routines patiently and avoid making the child feel bad about it.


Lice are not a sign of poor hygiene. It’s just a parasite that lives in humans and will always look for a way to survive, so it should not be kept in secret. For this reason, we must notify the school so that they can put on alert the rest of the children so that their heads are checked thoroughly and in that way putting an end to the plague as soon as possible. Ensure that the child does not attend school until he/she is completely free of lice and nits.